Terms & conditions – giving your content to La valencio

We always love to see your amazing content! We would love even more if we get to chance to share this content. If we commented on your content, and you came here, it means that we requested your approval to share your content on our channels. This includes all La Valencio social media and marketing plus social media and marketing from our partners. 

By agreeing to give us your content, you agree to the following:

You provide Horsegear and its associated marketing communication activities a non-exclusive, royalty-free license for worldwide use in our marketing and advertising across social media, websites, newsletters and other marketing and customer communication related activities, including also for printed purposes and third party distribution (for example advertising in magazines and on other websites). 

You hereby declare that you have ownership of the picture(s) in question and have the rights and permission to share them with us. You agree that we are able to use the picture(s) we have requested, as well as other related and similar images, like those from the same photoshoot. You have acquired permission to share the requested picture(s) from any person(s) appearing in the picture(s) or the original photographer of the picture(s). You guarantee that the use of your picture(s) will not violate any third-party rights or any laws.You release Horsegear and their partnersfrom any and all obligations to pay for the use of the picture(s) and the intellectual property rights associated with our marketing purposes, thus freeing and agreeing to keep Epplejeck and all associated brands and persons free from all claims or liabilities of any kind, in connection to the usage of the concerned picture(s).

We will credit/tag you and any related accounts, such as photographers, when we share the picture(s) on social media. We reserve the right to not provide credit for any other marketing purposes outside of social media. We reserve the right to edit the picture(s), such as adding a logo or cropping it.

If you have any questions, concerns and comments in regards to privacy, property rights and data protection, please contact us on social media or via info@horsegear.nl with your concerns and ask for contact with the marketing department.