About two years driving I now very much fun on the KM saddles.

I myself am totally wild from the KM Exclusive!

This saddle has a perfect fit for both rider and horse! I myself with this saddle on several tests and measurements participated. Because I have many different horses row is not possible for all horses have their own saddle.

The KM Exclusive is not a problem. The measurements showed that all horses perfectly! One of my top, Equitop Torricelli has a pretty tough back. Especially with the exercises as passage, using his back really should use balls and he found it very annoying. Since I had with the Exclusive row is clearly a lot better and the exercises him off much easier!

In addition, it is also for me again delicious. During the first game with this saddle we immediately scored a 9 for posture and sitting!

For me there is only one seat, which is KM World Riding!

La Valencio

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by Divoza