La Valencio

La Valencio is a young, fashionable brand in the equestrian. The brand is known for its great fit, the fine quality and exclusive styling, at an attractive price. Besides clothing, there is also a fine collection of leather goods, which are slightly different look with contemporary accents and styling.

La Valencio in 2011 arose from years of experience in the design and production of technical sportswear, love for horses and a good fashion sense.

The results are impressive. A special collection of riding gear that meets all the requirements for rider and horse are both practical and fashionable to dress at an exceptional price.

Twice a year there is a new special collection done in your favorite equestrian store. Every season is back with the greatest pleasure and abandon worked for you and surprise you with elegant designs. For us, riding is not just sport it’s a lifestyle. Our ultimate goal is, comfortably, safely and with ease on the road with your horse.

We also consider it important that La Valencio produced responsibly word. We shall ensure that the people who make our products in a safe and clean working environment at a fair reward. We strive for the best quality for a fair price. We also use durable materials so the products last longer and we do not unnecessarily wasting.

La Valencio, innovative, quality and price conscious!

La Valencio

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